A Taste of Excellence Catering Mapleside Farms

The Lodge at Mapleside Farms

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The Lodge at Mapleside Farms is almost a step into the picturesque countryside, The Lodge stands as a delightful wedding venue exuding an enchanting rustic charm. The moment you arrive, you’re greeted by the sight of its cozy, wooden exterior that blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings.

The Lodge is designed on two levels, each with its unique allure. As you step inside, the ground level welcomes you with warmth and elegance. The centerpiece of this area is a grand fireplace, its crackling flames providing a captivating focal point and a source of comfort during cooler seasons.

One of the most captivating features of The Lodge is its outdoor ceremony space. Overlooking a sprawling orchard presents an idyllic backdrop for couples to exchange their vows. White wooden chairs are arranged in rows on lush green grass, leading to a rustic wooden stage. With the orchard as a natural setting, love and nature come together to create an ethereal ambiance.

The Lodge has thoughtfully prepared an alternative indoor ceremony space in unpredictable weather. The Cellar emanates a rustic elegance with its exposed brick walls and wooden beams. The fireplace in the Cellar sets the stage for a heartwarming indoor ceremony.

After the ceremony, guests are invited to the upper-level deck for the cocktail hour, where they can bask in the fresh air and enjoy the views of the surrounding landscape. This deck provides a perfect setting to sip signature drinks while savoring delectable appetizers before the main reception begins.

As the festivities continue, guests gather in the main area of The Lodge. Here, the enchanting bar steals the spotlight, adorned with an upside-down apple tree, its branches beautifully decorated with glowing lightbulbs that replace the apples. This charming and whimsical touch infuses the space with a touch of magic and sets the scene for unforgettable memories.

Throughout The Lodge, soft lighting, rustic wooden accents, and natural elements seamlessly blend, creating an atmosphere of romance and intimacy. This wedding venue is a haven for couples seeking a rustic and magical setting to celebrate their love, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the warmth of cherished friends and family.