Highfield Event Center

Highfields Event Center

With exclusive catering arrangements at many of Northeast Ohio’s top venues, finding the perfect location for your event is our pleasure.

Nestled in the heart of Northeast Ohio and emerging as a sanctuary for love in the spring of 2020, Highfields Event Center in Hudson represents a seamless blend of natural beauty and contemporary elegance. Sprawling across 20 acres of pristine fields and lush woodlands, this hidden gem offers a unique marriage of sleek industrial design with a hint of rustic farmhouse allure, setting a distinctive stage for weddings. Crafted to create unforgettable moments, the venue boasts a versatile indoor space that elegantly accommodates up to 175 guests, while its adjacent terrace extends the celebration outdoors. Whether envisioning a tented reception under the stars, an intimate cocktail hour, or a lively open-air dance floor, Highfields caters to every dream. The north lawn, a tranquil setting framed by mature trees, offers a picturesque locale for ceremonies or leisure activities, ensuring every angle of your special day is as enchanting as the love it celebrates.