Wedding Catering

We make your visions a reality so that your special day is one that you will never forget.

You have waited for this day. Your wedding reception is a celebration of a lifetime, and you deserve to have it exactly the way you want it. Starting with an interview with one of our professional wedding planners, we listen to your wedding reception desires and turn your vision into a reality. From there, we will be as little or as much involved as you need us to be. But either way, we will be with you every step of the way to make your memories last a lifetime.

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive catering planning is organizing and coordinating all aspects of catering for an event from start to finish. It entails various tasks and considerations, including menu planning, food and beverage selection, budgeting, venue selection and logistics management. Our personalized approach at each stage of the planning process distinguishes us.

Comprehensive catering planning necessitates careful organization and attention to detail. Still, it can help ensure that your event is a success. Allow our team to attend to every detail, making your dreams a reality. You can provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for your guests by planning every aspect of the catering.

Rehearsal Dinner

Your wedding is a special occasion, not just a day. So, for your rehearsal dinner, let our chefs create a one-of-a-kind, inspired menu. We can accommodate both large groups and smaller, more intimate gatherings.

When planning a wedding rehearsal dinner, numerous catering options exist. Some couples prefer a formal sit-down meal at a restaurant or rented event space, whereas others prefer a more casual gathering with finger foods and beverages.

If you’re planning a sit-down meal, you’ll need to select a menu that is appropriate for the occasion. This can range from appetizers to salads to main courses to desserts. You should also provide a variety of beverages, such as wine, beer, and non-alcoholic alternatives. Consider serving a buffet-style meal with various appetizers, sandwiches, and other finger foods if you want to keep things casual. For example, a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres and drinks could be followed by a more formal sit-down dinner or a buffet.

Consider your guests’ preferences when selecting the menu and event style. In addition, you should request feedback from the wedding party and close family members to ensure that everyone’s dietary needs and preferences are met. Overall, wedding rehearsal dinner catering should be laid-back and enjoyable, setting the tone for the wedding.

Breakfast/Lunch on Location for Bridal Party

Catering for a bridal party can vary depending on the wedding party’s specific needs and preferences. On the wedding day, many bridal parties, for example, provide breakfast for their members and family. These items include bagels, pastries, fruit, yogurt and coffee. Depending on when the wedding ceremony and reception occur, the bridal party may require lunches or snacks to keep them fueled and energized throughout the day. Sandwiches, wraps, fruit and other quick-to-eat items could be included.

We always tailor bridal party catering to the wedding party’s specific needs and preferences to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved. A Taste of Excellence Catering is here to make your wedding day as pleasant and stress-free as possible. In addition, we will collaborate with you to design and deliver the ideal pre-wedding meal for your family and guests.

Cocktail Hour

A wedding cocktail hour is about an hour that occurs between the wedding ceremony and the reception. It is an opportunity for the wedding party and guests to mingle while enjoying drinks, hors d’oeuvres and other light snacks. Our experts will recommend and execute the ideal cocktail hour to complement your wedding.

Overall, wedding cocktail hour catering should be light and enjoyable, providing a nice transition between the wedding ceremony and reception. We have a full bar service and trained bartenders and servers to attend to your guests’ needs. When planning the menu, keep in mind your guests’ preferences as well as the overall theme of the wedding.

Wedding Receptions

Are you looking for the perfect caterer for your dream wedding in Cleveland? Don’t look any further! Cleveland’s finest will make your special day unforgettable with various experienced wedding reception catering services. We have many options to make your experience memorable, from spectacular food presentations to thoughtful and attentive service. So let us take the stress out of wedding planning by introducing you to Cleveland’s best wedding reception catering services.

After-Party Snacks and Drinks

We know that your wedding celebration doesn’t end with the reception. There are a wide variety of options for post-wedding catering to meet your needs and those of your guests. If, for instance, you’re hosting a party in the wee hours of the morning, think about serving breakfast foods. Snacks like sliders and mini pizzas and traditional American favorites like French fries are also great options.

Brunch on Location the Following Day

We know that there are a lot of people who care about you and want to be a part of your big day. So whether you have out-of-town guests to entertain or local loved ones to thank, we can help you continue the party with a post-wedding brunch. Many newlyweds host a brunch the day after the nuptials to show appreciation for their guests. Brunch items could include eggs, bacon, fruit, pastries and coffee.